How to Get the Best Quality Hair Extensions

Choosing hair extensions that look right, feel right and are durable will only happen if shoppers are careful about the supplier they choose. Since most purchases are made online today it can be impossible to know whether or not the extensions in the photos are the ones that will actually be received. It is not uncommon for suppliers to claim theirĀ Brazilian hair bundles is of a much higher quality than what it really happens to be. The customer will have no way of knowing until their shipment arrives and it can be difficult to get a refund if the product is not satisfactory.


Common problems will cut-rate suppliers include extensions that are listed as genuine human hair, but are actually a mix that includes a large percentage of synthetic strands. This is noticeable when the extensions are new because the synthetic hair will often have a much brighter sheen than human hair. It becomes even more noticeable over time as the fake hair will lose its luster and become difficult to style, tangle and become frizzy. The natural look most women want is not as easy to get when synthetic hair is used and it will not take many strands to ruin a style.

Another common trick of unprofessional companies is offering Brazilian hair extensions that come from China or other Asian countries rather than actually from Brazil. A woman choosing Brazilian hair will want this type because of its texture, thickness and color. Hair from other ethnic groups will not have the same characteristics and may be difficult to style properly or incorporate effectively into the natural hair. Some companies do supply genuine Brazilian hair, but the hair may not be virgin as stated or it may have come from multiple donors and not have the consistency people want.

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